Sunday, September 25, 2005

Me doing the Asa di Var


Today for the first time I did the Asa di var with Amardeep ji at the Singh Sabha Gurudwara. It was a memorable experience and I think it would be worth if I could do this every week.. Would need Waheguruji's kirpa...Here is the picture that we took... For some reason the other pictures did not turn out that well. So I have only one picture to share . :(

Anyway, I got a chance to play some taals that I had never played before. Amardeep ji sang a shabad with 10 matra so I had to play Sulfaq. It was good. For the last few months I have started to work on understanding the framework of Gurmat Sangeet and I think I'm lucky that I met Amardeep ji and we touched some topics that were of intrest to both of us. Gurbani is written in a particular fashion and understanding that is equally important. My journey has started on that path, have met some intresting people and I would share this journey with all of you out there... Gur Fateh !!

I met Angad and Puneet today and it was very nice to meet them too. I see young sikh youth moving in that direction... feels nice. I'm sharing Angad's blog with everybody I know so that they can see the pictures that he took at the seminar that Amardeep ji gave few weeks ago on Gurmat Sangeet. I hope Angad does not mind. .


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