Friday, October 07, 2005

Concentration !!

I don't know how people write their blogs..I mean do they prepare a draft or they spend time thinking or something like that, I would just go ahead and pen things down as they come into my mind.

Today was the second time that I played the Asa Di Var..and I think I did much better the first time :) . No special reason over why I think so...

Looking at my pictures playing the tabla gave me the title of this part of the blog "concentration". I never realised this but I could see in the pictures how much concentration goes in playing the taals and making sure you dont do any mistake. It's quite a challenge to keep pace.

Of what I remember Amardeep ji sang 3 shabads in teen taal, 1 in Sulfaq and 1 in Jhaptaal and the toughest of all was the Jhaptal.

Singing Gurbani in the format in which it is supposed to be sung has this magical feel. It is not just beating the tabla or singing the raags with the right sur.. I think is the only way to get closer to God. After all that is the reason why Guruji's wrote all the shabads in raags.

Understanding that format and exploring that, is the motivation for me to learn more. Learning the tabla as a saaz (muscial instrument) is just one thing..putting it in action with the raags that were written couple of hundred years ago.. makes you feel you are there... there where he wants to take you. You all might think that I have gone crazy :)) but I'm perfectly allright.. I'm just telling you what I really feel.

It's truly magical. Atleast I get to the state of Nirvana !!


Blogger Angad Singh said...


Its great that you feel the way you do when you play the Tabla..

Listening to Assa Di Waar every Sunday for the past few weeks has been bliss. I can only Imagine how you must feel playing..Hope its not too long before I can feel the same bliss.

Guru Ang Sang!

10:28 AM  

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