Saturday, October 29, 2005

Makes a lot of Sense !!!

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa.. Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I haven't been regular in updating my blog and would apologies for that.. I have been extremely busy... work has completely taken me over.. Things are becoming slow now.. so here I'm back on the blog. Past two weeks have been good and Asa di Var also has been going on well. For the next two weeks we would not be doing Asa di var as Amardeep ji is not in the country. I think this is the best time to sit and learn. Every time I make an effort to learn something or read a book about Gurbani gets lost somewhere in the way. I have seen that I have to make several efforts before I come back to where I had left. I'm going through the same effort right now while trying to read the book "Ujaro Dipa" by Prof Darshan Singh. Till what I have read.. it makes a lot of sense..No BS.. no own written sakhis. everything from SGGS I think one should be very careful in deciphering Gurbani, especially when have just plunged into it at an age at which I'm right now. I think the best age to get exposed to Gurbani is when you are young ... there aren’t many questions that come in your mind.. and when they start coming you know enough to find the answers yourself. In the last few weeks since I have met everybody.. I remember the discussions/responses that we have all had regarding various topics and they keep repeating in my head. Some of them made a lot of sense and some a little less. The only question that came into my mind time and again is how true was/is our History. Can we blindly believe it.. and before it reached a phase that I strained my brain thinking, I had the answer.Very simple.."Use Guru Granth Sahib as a touch stone to check if what you heard is true". Again made a lot of sense !!! Well, I haven’t read the SGGS completely..but I think it would be a worth an try to see what I have ever heard about(Sakhi's..etc etc) is true or not. The idea is to catch the underlying message and not to look for the sakhi in SGGS. But I think that would happen on phase 2 of my journey. As days go by I'm getting more and more exposed to Gurbani Kirtan .. And the thing that facinates me the most is the enormous amt of raags.. taals and different gayki styles that are mentioned in SGGS. One life is not enough to practice all these. I sit and imagine .. our Guru Sahibs must be amazing musicians.. SO much gyan !!! SO much Kirtan.. SO many rags and they are all so neatly tied together in SGGS. I was completely unaware of all this. Music has been given such a high platform in is an art of practice and learn all this. Guru sahab has left us an treasure.. treasure that will never end... The only sad part is that some part of that treasure has been lost, some raags and taals are now gone forever....forever...


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