Monday, December 26, 2005

Wadbhagee har kirtan gaeeai

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa.. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

The feeling is of joy...mood a little somber (as they are not here right now, I still feel that I have to wake up in the morning and go to the Gurudwara to listen to them). What great Guru's musicians, each and every one of them. The last few days in my life would be by far the most treasurable experience I have had in this journey of walking on the path of Gurmat sangeet.

Raj Academy aka Prof Surinder Singh has done a great job in preserving Gurmat Sangeet and my first hand interaction with his team reveals the motive very clearly.

I attended all his session/workshops and kirtans except the one that had on 23rd Evening. Could not make to that and I would repent on that forever. These are golden chances to meet some great musicians and Guru’s blessed Sikhs. I know one thing for sure, Guru should have his blessings on you to understand what has been correctly written in the SGGS.

The workshops were great and eye opener for me and a lot of people sitting there. Got to see a lot of mood swings in that 5 hours session amongst the audience. Where some were happy to see such a collection of instruments/musicians, there were people who were not as happy as their work was openly criticized. Whatever, all said and done, Gurmat Sangeet is the only way kirtan should be done. There are no two question on this, no if’s and but’s on that. We have no right to change anything from the SGGS. I would say, lets not customize our religion. This would not make anybody happy.

As I write, I’m having a hard time organizing my thoughts, there was so much to see, learn and share and the irony is that we had a only a few people in the Gurudwara.

Lal Lal Mohan Gopal tu…

Look at Waheguruji’s charisma, how we all got to meet Chris Mooney Singh, the only Sikh Rabab player. Chris has been staying in Singapore for a long time. Though I was aware of this and a few other people were also aware, there were things that made Chris stop work on his Rabab revival project few years ago. He was very humble in accepting the invitation by Amardeep Ji to come over to his house for Lunch, and that was it, Prof Suninder Singh’s long time wish came true. They both met each other for the first time, and I would not stop in saying that, this was a moment that will change the face of Gurmat Sangeet in the next years to come.

Next day in the Gurudwara all 6 instruments were used to sing the bani (Taus, Saranda, Jori, Rabab, Sarangi and Dilruba), another moment that would be a big role in Gurmat Sangeet. Something that has not happened in the last few hundred years. A sight I was lucky enough to see from my own eyes.

What should I tell you about Chris, you have to meet him personally to get to know how much work has been done in the Rabab Revival project. I have spoken to him only a few times, and his sweet voice wins over your heart. He is one person who single handedly revived the Rabab. The gift of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to us was lying in Mandi Sahab Gurudwara for the past few100 years and nobody bothered to think in that direction. Chris not only reached Mandi sahib, he took the lead in bringing it back.

Mubarak to everybody that could make to it to such an eventful Christmas “Sikh style “ J .A Christmas that I would never forget.

After leaving them today at the Silat Road Gurudwara, where they boarded a bus for Malaysia for their next program, I knew I would be missing them and all the blissful music. The three days were not enough to fulfill the hunger of my soul. The impact is so huge, like an explosion, I still can hear the kirtan in my ears even when I was trying to go to sleep in the afternoon after I came back from Gurudwara.

I’m now finding it very difficult to move back to normal life, but nothing can be done. I have to earn for my bread and butter. The hukum is to live a “grahast life” and remember his name always. Now that would be a challenge J .

Hre Joo Rakhe Leyho Pte Meyri

For pictures please click here

(These are just some of the pics, we are in the process of uploading all. It would take atleast a day or two. So please keep checking. I would let all know once done.)

Wishes to everybody that I met in the last 3 days.

Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa.. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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