Friday, January 20, 2006

Heavy Stuff..

Phew.. that was heavy...I just finished reading Angad's blog. There were some really unrealistic questions posed in that article and some very clear and detailed answers.

Reading that article, I feel happy that I'm to a lot extent ignorant about sikhi.. I'm happy that I don't know much abt sikhi.. and because I dont know much abt it, I would never ask such questions. I would not discourage the person who has asked the questions, I think he has done a brilliant job, but in the wrong direction. I dont get it, isnt it really simple, do paath be good and there you are !! God will show you the way... how many wives Guru Gobind singh ji had?? , can sikh eat meat, who dies out of chicken pox or malaria.. I mean is that all left for someone to dig out of sikhi today.. Sorry to say, but I feel disgusted.

Human beings will never be perfect, the bani is for us, to find our way out. For me personally more than the bani it is the Kirtan. Though practically we are singing the bani while doing kirtan, I think music plays a big role. The reality is that gurmat sangeet is the thread putting all the bani together.

I was born in a family where listening to music was discouraged, playing any instrument was a waste of time..(forget abt music classes). (Please be careful when you read the above line, I'm not blaming anybody or my parents, whatever they did, was with clean intentions). It was not just my family but also people whom I met when i was growing up (usually my relatives and frds) who also felt the same. They all thought, "hobby hai bachey nu, koi nahin". Well, the hobby is turning out to be something that has conquered my body and is wrapping my soul today. If you are a father/mother/brother/sister who is reading this.. and if somebody close to you has a hobby of listening/playing music, take it seriously. Help them grow in the right direction, I believe we would start the much needed "change" that Sikhi requires today.

Tusi sarrey soch rahey ho gaye.. what is this guy writing. Well, let me make a short story simple.. Guru Granth Sahab ji is written completely in a format that would be BEST understood if you have some knowledge of music. Now music here could be for a beginner anything, but I think in todays date, we have enough Indian musical instruments to learn and practice. We need not learn the drums or the guitar, I think they are too easy. Pick up an Indian instrument and start.. Love it like your kid, Funny how can you love an instrument? Answer:- Just like a chef loves his cooking, just like a soldier who loves his rifle. Try it and you would understand what I'm saying.

Gaal sarri maan di hai, if you have committed yourself, there is no stopping you. I'm toooo young to say or write anything abt Gurbani, but the ounce of exposure that I have got from Kirtan has already blessed my soul. It is your turn to get blessed.


Blogger Otpreka Singh said...

keertan is only one aspect of a gursikhs life. reading bani, doing simran, and sewa is also essential

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